【Download】Networker’s Journal, A

Cisco-branded journal for IT professionals and students to keep detailed documentation of their work

  • Hardcover for durability and archiving
  • Organizational features including paginated pages, self-adhesive tabs and labels, index page for ease of use

Durable with archival features, yet reasonably priced, the Networker’s Journal is a high-quality hardcover journal bearing the Cisco Systems brand. Networking professionals and students alike can use the Journal for documenting their work, troubleshooting, router configuration, and more. Each page is lined and paginated with a blank space on the top outside corner so the user can fill in the date. The inside front cover is a blank index page to record the sections that the user defines. To delineate these sections, a perforated page holding several self-adhesive tabs and labels is included. The tabs can be placed where needed and cross-referenced on the index page for easy access to information included in each section. The labels can be placed on the spine and front cover to identify the contents of that particular journal for archival purposes. The inside back cover features a basic drawing of the OSI layer model for general reference. A simple introduction briefly touches upon organizational, note-taking, and documentation tips.


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